THP Fast Track™ by Experience Happiness

THP Fast Track™

The Competitive Edge for Innovative Wellbeing Leaders.

Who It's For:
This course is for innovative wellbeing leaders, consultants and coaches who want to achieve measurable wellbeing AND business performance results to build competitive advantage.

What It Is:
Immersion into The Happiness Practice™ (THP) — the world-renowned solution proven to measurably increase wellbeing, happiness and performance (including KPI'S) while simultaneously lowering stress & burnout.

What you'll experience:
  • Cultivate measurably improved personal happiness, wellbeing and performance
  • Learn The 5 Principles of Happiness™ proven to catapult wellbeing and performance at all organizational levels 
  • Explore Return On Happiness™ to measure results that even your CFO will love
  • Discover the 10 steps to measuring wellbeing and its KPI impact
  • Connect with other wellbeing innovators
  • Gain credit toward becoming a THP-Certified Sherpa™
February 26-April 3
Every Wednesday, 9:00-10:00 am (CST)

Take the THP assessment!

Take our 5-minute, 100% confidential assessment and instantly receive a personalized report to help you:
  1. Evaluate your levels of happiness, stress and burnout
  2. Increase awareness of your emotional, behavioral and physical signs of stress & burnout
  3. Prioritize specific areas of self-care 
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What is The Happiness Practice?

THP is a transformative and sustainable life practice proven to measurably improve total wellbeing and performance by lowering stress/burnout and increasing happiness.


"The Happiness Practice helped me better handle life's ups and downs in profound ways. I feel SO MUCH more healthy and capable on every level, each and every day - both personally and professionally. THP truly changed my life for the better."
Sara Rose — Director of Critical Care & Emergency Services, Hennepin Healthcare (A Level I Trauma Center)
"We're all feeling less stressed, more energized, connected and joyful. Engaging in The Happiness Practice resulted in a 41% improvement in attendance at staff meetings."
Finnish Teachers at Myllymaki Primary School, Lappeenranta, Finland

"The Happiness Practice is revolutionary."

"It captures the phenomenal power of personal authenticity to effect changes on those with whom you interact. It is a brilliant clarion call to honor your feelings and change your life for the better!"
Molly Biwer, Chief Communications Officer, Hallmark

"I reclaimed myself, and found an even better version of me."

"I was missing the fun, smart woman I used to be. The Happiness Practice helped me discover the amazing, capable woman I really am, TODAY."
Kathy S — Chief Clinical Officer

"I learned how to get out of my own way."

"The Happiness Practice has made me a better mother, business person and helped me step into my true authentic self.  I may not always be “blissful”, but my outlook and perspective on life has changed. Problems now appear as life lessons, and my life has become a a much more empowered and fascinating journey!"

Erin Fitzgerald — Principal at Transwestern

"I'm not and I don't have to be Superhuman."

"I don't need to control everything. My best is more than enough."
Teacher, Myllymaki Primary School, Finland